Adverse Weather Conditions


During adverse weather conditions, fog, thunder, lightning, storms etc., the course may be closed. This decision can be taken by the General Manager, the Professional or the Head Green keeper. Closure of the course under these circumstances will be signalled by warnings before play. Warnings and procedures are posted on the signage board outside the Professional shop. All players are expected to read the signage. The fact that the course has not been officially closed does not warrant that it is fit for play. Players have a duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions. They also have a duty of care not to injure themselves.


If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued.

Players MUST proceed in accordance with Rule 6.8 of the Rules of Golf whether or not the klaxon is sounded. Play is automatically discontinued and players MUST return to the Clubhouse, marking their ball position if necessary Any decision to resume play will be made by the General Manager, the Professional or the Head Green keeper.

In competitions, play will be resumed after assessment from the General Manager, Club Professional or Head Green keeper.


During frosty conditions electric trolleys and buggies will not be allowed on the course for the able bodied. While it is the Head Green Keeper’s preference that players should carry their clubs on these occasions, trolleys and buggies will be permitted for those that are certificated. Both trolleys and buggies should be kept to the margins and light rough wherever practicable.

Once the decision has been made to impose a ban on trolleys and buggies for frost, this ban will remain in place for all morning golf. A review will be made late morning to decide if the ban should remain in place for afternoon golf.

The daily telephone message will be used to communicate to members whether electric trolleys and buggies are allowed. Any change in the position will be written on the white board outside the Pro Shop.


If conditions are foggy and you are unable to see where the ball is likely to land, or ground conditions are such that it is impossible to judge how far the ball is likely to travel, DO NOT PLAY! Playing in such conditions is dangerous and players do so at their own risk. If the Ladies’ first tee cannot seen from the Pro-Shop, the Club Professional may close the course.