If you are interested in applying for membership of Thorndon Park, please contact our Office, on 01277 810345 or e-mail us .

There are two routes for applicants:

  1. A candidate should have a proposer and seconder who are members of the Club and who have been known to him/her for at least four years, be acquainted with several other members, have played golf at Thorndon Park, and be aware of the traditions of the Club. Thorndon Park offers several categories of membership. For men and ladies, there is seven-day, six-day or five-day membership.
  2. Others wishing to apply for membership of the Club but without a proposer and seconder – such as golfers moving into the area – are invited to contact the General Manager for further details.

Thorndon Park also welcomes junior players, proposed and seconded by members, to join our thriving cadets' section.